Board of Directors

MVACA Annual Meeting/2018 Board Elections

The Mago Vista Area Civic Association has been your community advocate for 71 years. Together we’ve protected & promoted community spirit within our area. Because funding & community involvement has decreased over the past few years, we find ourselves at a crossroads.  We need your input to ensure MVACA continues.  

You are invited to the  MVACA Annual Meeting

Monday – Oct 30 – 7:30 pm
Belvedere Elementary Media Center

Please attend to discuss the future of MVACA, how it can continue to further serve our community needs (1,950+ homes), & elect the 2018 Board. You are also invited to join our Board …even if you have only a little time.  What does MVACA do?

  • Works with AA County: Executive’s Office, Police, Rec and Parks, Health to address various concerns (drug issues, abandoned homes, vehicles or boat trailers on the streets, unkempt swimming pools, and rat invasions). We know WHO to talk to…how and when.
  • Sponsors Events: Mago Vista Mustang Basketball, Santa Ride, Easter Egg Hunt, & Day in the Park. Hundreds of Mago Vista residents participate in these activities annually.
  • Oversees Mago Vista & Belvedere Park Improvements: Working with AA County to get results: new playground equipment (late Nov), a new $30,000 pavilion (Spring 2018), new benches at the basketball courts, a repaired footbridge, continual clean up of overhanging tree limbs/brush
  • Represents our Area in Traffic Safety Issues: College Parkway at Campus Green stoplight, crosswalk at Mago Vista Park, and the Jones Station/Mago Vista (JS/MV) intersection
  • Preserves the Community Entrance: Entrance sign and landscaping on College Parkway/Jones Station & Jones Station Rd gardens.

Imagine Mago Vista with …. NO sports programs & limited park improvements, NO collective voice to AA County government & agencies, NO entrance maintenance or gardens on Jones Station, NO family events (Day in the Park, Easter Egg Hunt, Santa Ride)

What are your concerns? Come, share them at our annual membership meeting!  We want to ensure a high quality of life & protect our property values for our beautiful thriving community.  For questions or comments, contact MVACA at

“Together We Can Build a Better Community”


OFFICERS Jan 2017 – Dec 2017
President: Brenda Fuller
Vice President: vacant
Treasurer: Robin Graves
Recording Secretary: Debbie Collins
Corresponding Secretary: Joanna Kille
Past President: Rich Warden

Directors Jan 2017 – Dec 2017 (one-year term)
Linda Calvert
Sal LiCausi
Harry Martin

Directors Jan 2016 – Dec 2017 (two-year term)
Jan Cammarata
Cyndi Duke
James Pennington
Steve Quirk

Athletic Committee
Chairman: Sal LiCausi
Treasurer: Karen Sale

Events Committee
Chairperson: Linda Calvert

Neighborhood Parks
Mago Vista – Improvements:  Steve Quirk
Mago Vista – Vandalism Reports: Paula Kenny
Belvedere: Carol Clarke

Mago Vista Entrance Garden: Karen Sale
Magothy River Association: Sally Hornor
Director of Community Affairs: Harry Martin
Jones Station Gardens: Cyndi Duke
Senior Advisor: Karen Sale